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Establish a comprehensive research and innovation infrastructure

Improve the efficiency of port operations

Develop an intelligent platform

Facilitate pollution monitoring and marine biodiversity protection

Conduct cutting-edge research on cyber-physical systems

Validate the infrastructure through joint pilot projects

Work Packages

Work Package 1

Project Management


  1. Coordination, Communication, and Management of Consortium Activities

  2. Monitoring Progress, Quality Assurance, and Risk Management​

  3. Ethics and Environmental Impact Assessment, and Dissemination & Exploitation Committee

Work Package 2

Dissemination and Exploitation Activities


  1. Definition of the Dissemination Strategy

  2. Dissemination of Project Results.

  3. Organization of Information days and Participation in Third-party Organized Events.

  4. Exploitation of Project Results and IPR Management

Work Package 3

Equipment Infrastructures


  1. Engagement with Stakeholders

  2. Identification of Physical Spaces, Equipment, Services, and Human Resources

  3. Procurement and infrastructure setup

  4. Development of Strategy, Plans, Policies, and Procedures for Access and Sustainable Growth

Work Package 4

Intelligent Data Management for Maritime Big Data


  1. Digital Twin of Harbor Facilities

  2. Data Analytics and AI

  3. Process Digitalization with Smart Contracts 

  4. Cybersecurity and Privacy

Work Package 5

Maritime Internet of Things, Situational Awareness, and Decision Support 


  1. IoT Performance Characterization and Edge Processing

  2. Estimation and Prediction Methods Across the IoT/Edge/Cloud Continuum

  3. Cyber-secure and Resilient Industrial IoT Networks

Work Package 6

Port Collaborative Decision Making


  1. Connect Local Port Actors Automatically

  2. Connect to Other Ports/Ships/Hinterland Operators

  3. AIS Integration for Port Call Optimization

  4. Continuous Improvement and Decision Support Services

Work Package 7

Environmental Monitoring for Maritime Activities


  1. Aggregation of In-situ and Satellite Observations

  2. Data-driven Environmental Visualization

  3. Environmental Pollution Assessment

Work Package 8

Pilots and Infrastructure Performance Evaluation


  1. Pilot Definition and Technical Alignment

  2. Pilot Demonstrations

  3. Infrastructure Performance Evaluation

Research Infrastructure

Limassol Port Testbed
Ayia Napa Marina Cyber-Physical Testbed
CMMI Maritime IoT Laboratory
CSM Floating Laboratories
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